Sunday, June 23, 2013

Food, and its price.

I remember, when I was growing up, food was not cheap. My mother always bought good food, and never have I heard her say that she was going to get the cheapest of this, or the cheapest of that.

I buy my eggs from a farm, $2.50 for a dozen, it's 50 cents per egg. I think it's a good price.
Now, if I compare it to 89 cents for a dozen eggs at walmart, well yes, It's MORE expensive. So, what do I gain by buying the eggs at a farm? QUALITY, FOR A GOOD PRICE, and knowing that those eggs are laid by happy hens is a bonus! LOL!

Nowadays,  people are so used to buy cheap food, that they forget that buying food comes before buying a new cellphone, tv or computer. Priorities have completely changed, and food has become less important than stuff.... BIG CORP has played a major role in this, and I think their marketing agents are geniuses!  They can make the majority of people buy shit on a stick, and enjoy eating it!

Fortunately, some of us have realised that the only 2 things you have total control of, are food and skin care.

That is why I never skip on the price of food, and I make my own, all natural soaps and skin care products.

By the way, I don't beleive in being "politically correct", and I think that swearing is good for your health! ;-)

I can't wait to read your comments!


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